Wednesday, December 6, 2006

What to do?

Currently, I have a dual boot between Windows XP and Fedora Core 6. However, I might be triple booting in a couple of weeks after I receive my free copy of Windows Vista Business arrives in the mail (let it suffice to say that I won a contest through which I am now guaranteed receive both Vista Business edition and Microsoft Office 2007). I don't know if that's going to be an option though ... three operating systems on an 80 gig HD aren’t going to create a particularly pleasant situation. Vista itself takes up 15 gigs (ouch?) minimally; 40 gigs are recommended. Currently, my one hard disk looks like this -

Windows 60gigs (~13 gigs free)
Fedora 20 gigs

As you can clearly see, Vista has no room to fit in as a triple boot with my current configuration.

My options are (Assuming my XP partition must be at least 50 gigs (if I keep it at all), because it’s already 43 gigs in size), in no particular order:

(1) Delete Linux partition, having a dual boot between the Windows monopoly of operating systems. (Something in the order of 30 gigs for Vista and 50 gigs for XP)

XP - 50gig
Vista - 30 gig

(2) Triple boot between Linux, Vista, and XP. However, I’d have to shrink the Linux partition to around 5 to 10 gigs in order to accommodate Vista

XP - 50 gigs
Vista - 25 gigs (or 20 gigs)
Linux - 5 gigs (or 10 gigs)

(3) Install Vista completely on top of XP, meaning my config would be identical to how it is now, except I’d have Vista now and no longer XP.

Vista - 60 gigs
Linux - 20 gigs

(4) Install Vista on a whole new hard disk. They are relatively cheap, so I could theoretically handle this. However, doing the jumper cable and slave/master crap is a pain in the butt.

I’m sure there are other possibilities I’m not thinking of, but I’m tired.
What does everyone else recommend in his instance? My two requirements - I want to run Vista and keep XP. That eliminates one option at least.


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