Sunday, December 31, 2006

Poor ps3 sales - Completely Owned?

Console: Sales (according to
Microsoft Xbox 360 (Released 2005): 9.1 million
Nintendo Wii (Released 2006): 2.0 million
Sony Playstation 3 (Released 2006): 808,025
Nobody disputes that part of the reason so few ps3 units were sold IS the price. It's simply a deterrent to a majority of gamers as of now. If Sony truly did their stuff right (somehow magically made the price more gamer friendly at it's release) , my guess is that they would have at least a million sells by now. I KNOW for a fact that they shipped out that many units to the USA already. Of course they HAD to price it so high. (BluRay and such). Anyway, I guarantee you that Nintendo sold more units in relation to it's total units FASTER than the ps3 did in relation to total units.

Anyway, I still think the ps3 owns, but it's too expensive for me. When I said "completely owned", I meant in sales. Not in console awesomeness.

I like how one commercial sums it up. It shows a fat lady who basically keeps on saying "I'm large and in control". Then, a skinny hot girl in a bikini is saying "I'm just FUN!!! And playful!!!". After some more of this banter, the fat lady says "Don't you know that BlueRay is the FUTURE?!!! GOD!!!" Then she leaves, leaving the bikini girl to continue to say "I'm fun!!!!" (There's some inappropriate butt slapping going on as well :P) I'm sure you can guess who the ps2 is and who the wii is.

In better news, the ps2 is still selling awesome. I find that plain out sweet. The ps2 was truly the best selling console ever.


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